May 2023

Another Planning Application for Nyasaland Rejected

Another new outline planning application for the development of housing at Nyasaland has been rejected by Hart.

This application (Hart Ref 22/02794/OUT) was submitted in November 2022 and was an outline application for the erection of five x 4-bedroom houses (self-build/custom build dwellings) with community allotments, parking and servicing. The existing barn structures and sheds would be removed to be replaced by 5 new houses, 15 allotments, and associated parking, with access from Crondall Road.

Details of the proposals can be found on the Hart Planning Portal at https://publicaccess.hart.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=RLHFFMHZGC000

The proposal appeared to orient the building plots in different directions, although house designs would be determined by the self-builders, with a shared access point also shared with access to the allotments at the rear.

A number of public comments, including a comprehensive response by FACE IT, were provided in response to this application and Crookham Village Parish Council as a statutory consultee also raised objections.

The consultation period closed for comments on Friday 03 March 2023.

This application for five four-bedroom houses at Nyasaland was refused by Hart on 06 April 2023.

The main reasons for refusal were (in very summary form):

1. Located in open countryside outside the settlement boundary.

2. Urbanising effect on and does not enhance the landscape and is not sustainable.

3. Fails to provide for affordable homes.

4. No biodiversity information.

5. Does not meet Habitat Regulations.

Full report and decision at  https://publicaccess.hart.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=RLHFFMHZGC000.

Crookham Village Nyasaland

October 2022

The latest application was refused by Hart on 6th October 2022 on a similar basis to previous applications: in in open countryside outside the Crookham Village Settlement Boundary, would not positively contribute to the overall appearance of the area or respect or enhance ... the landscape, and would not result in sustainable development.

22/01510/FUL | Erection of a four bedroom dwelling following demolition of existing buildings. | Nyasaland Crondall Road Crookham Village Fleet GU51 5SU (hart.gov.uk)

August 2022

Nyasaland - Yet another application!

Even while appeals for two other planning applications are pending, the developer has made yet another planning application for Nyasaland.

This is for a single 4-bedroom house and garage in front of where the barns are.

This is supposedly a 'replacement' for the uninhabitable caravan nearby.

The house appears similar to the previous proposal although the developer has tried to address some of the issues identified with the previous proposal, in that the ridge height is slightly reduced and the house would face the road rather than being side-on.

The site plan appears to show continued access to the barn structures and field.

The application appears to be confused as to whether a garage or open car port is proposed.

The same substantive issue of whether the caravan still qualifies as a dwelling will need to be decided by Hart and/or on appeal.

Ref 22/01510/FUL

Application was validated on 11 August.

Comments to be returned to Hart by 02 September!

Determination deadline 06 October.


August 2021

Another application for development at Nyasaland Hart Reference 21/01725/FUL. 

A further planning application has been made for erection of a four bedroom dwelling following demolition of existing buildings at Nyasaland, Crondall Road, Crookham Village. The access layout, siting and orientation of the property is modified from the previous application.

The previous application (21/00202/FUL) was refused by Hart in April although an appeal for that application is pending.

The property would lie opposite Martinique, Kingsmede and Rose Cottage close to the Exchequer PH.

Click here to view the planning application and make a comment - by no later than 11th August 2021

Jan 2021

The facts:

Nyasaland is at the centre of a 5 acre parcel of land to the west of Crondall Road, north of the canal and opposite the Exchequer public house.  It is outside the village settlement boundary in the open countryside and classed as agricultural land although not currently in agricultural use.  The two barn structures on the site were not used as barns, and may have been built without permission. The previous owner was granted temporary permission to site a mobile home on the land to house a worker associated with the agricultural use of the land. An application to extend the temporary permission was refused in 2006, but the refusal was not enforced.

On 1st July 2020 Chartfield Homes made a "Class Q" application (Hart Ref 20/01535/PRIOR) for conversion of the agricultural buildings to 5 dwelling houses. This was proposed under the provision of The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 (as amended) -Schedule 2, Part 3, Class Q, which would bypass the normal planning process and automatically allow for conversion of existing agricultural buildings into up to 5 dwellings. To qualify, this regulation requires that the buildings were solely in agricultural use on 20 March 2013.  Though not formally required, Hart sent notification letters to immediate neighbours. Several residents’ comments to Hart pointed out that the buildings were also used for other purposes at that time.

On the eve of determination on 27 August 2020 the "prior approval" application was withdrawn.

On 22nd December 2020 Chartfield Homes made a further "Class Q" application (Hart Ref 20/03146/PRIOR) for conversion of one of the agricultural buildings to 3 dwelling houses. 

This was proposed under the same regulation as the one in July which would bypass the normal planning process and automatically allow for conversion into dwellings. 

As before, to qualify, this regulation requires that the building was solely in agricultural use on 20 March 2013. 

As before, several residents have commented that the building was also used for other purposes at that time.

Crookham Village Parish Council considered this application on 5th January 2021 and are recommending rejection to Hart.

FACE IT has also responded to Hart stating that for a number of reasons we do not feel able to support the application. Our response can be read in this link

The consultation period ends on 14 January and the application is due to be determined  by 18 February 2021.

Our understanding:

We believe that if the July 2020 application had not been withdrawn, it would have been refused.  The December 2020 application is essentially similar.

Chartfield Homes are developing options for new proposals, which may include conversion of the barns to houses, a detached house on the site of the mobile home and / or a possible alternative proposal for further homes fronting on to Crondall Road.  They are also suggesting other potential (but unlikely) outcomes for this land if their proposals were not to proceed.  Chartfield Homes are hoping to be seen to engage with local residents and groups; however until there is a specific planning application, it is perhaps difficult to provide meaningful comments.

A full planning application for the actually intended use or development of the site would be subject to a full public consultation and be considered on its merits against a number of planning factors, including

  • the very principle of development on the site
  • Hart's housing need
  • the status of the land as countryside
  • compliance with the Hart Local Plan 2020
  • compliance with the Crookham Village Neighbourhood Plan,
  • consideration of the impact on the neighbouring Conservation Areas,
  • affect on the SPA (Special Protection Area) and availability of SANG (suitable alternative natural greenspace),
  • access arrangements and highway works
  • contamination on the site,
  • approval by Hart of the proposals.