The Threat

FACE IT is an action group of people from all political persuasions, set up to protect the best of the area around Fleet, Church Crookham and Crookham Village from excessive and unsustainable development.

Fleet has seen its fair share of development over the past 10 years and we question the appropriateness and sustainability of major new developments proposed in the countryside around the town.

The consequences of inappropriate development would be:

Gridlocked Roads and No Parking

Local roads are already under too much pressure and often gridlocked at rush hour! Adding thousands more houses without improving existing roads or adding new ones will make matters unbearable – more cars taking children to school, more commuters, more contention for parking spaces.

No School Places

Calthorpe Park and Court Moor schools and the area’s primary schools are already bursting at the seams with the additional children from Elvetham Heath, Edenbrook and QEB. Already some Fleet children have to travel to schools outside their normal catchment area and in some cases to other towns. This could happen to YOUR children.

Ruined Countryside

We are lucky enough to be surrounded by some very special countryside with ancient woodland, hedgerows and nationally rare flora and fauna. Many residents and others enjoy the network of footpaths. Much of this, and may species of wildlife, would be lost with further large scale housing developments.

Healthcare Issues

Local surgeries and Frimley Park Hospital are already at capacity and most of us will have to wait for much longer to see a doctor. Water supply and refuse disposal problems, more air and light pollution, more noise, all create a negative impact on our physical and mental well-being.

FACE IT is group of people like you, from all political persuasions, concerned to protect the best of the area around Fleet, Church Crookham and CrookhamVillage from excessive and unsustainable development.

That is not the same as stopping all development and we are here to make sure that what does get developed is done in the best way beneficial for the community. We do this by getting involved in the process and providing information and communication to act as enablers for the community to understand and influence local policy and decision-making. The aim is that the natural and built environments are the best they can be for us all.

See the Environment section of our website for more details of how these proposals threaten our natural and built environment.

The immediate and major threats are at

Grove Farm, Cross Farm, Pale Lane, Watery Lane