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FACE IT was formed in early 2012 in response to weaknesses in the previous draft Local Development Framework, which seemed to threaten the nature and character of the local area and did not take full account of infrastructure issues.

Since its formation, the FACE IT group has been examining the Local Development Framework and engaging with a large number of stakeholders, including the communities affected by its proposals, the Parish Councils in the area, Fleet Town Council, officers and councillors of Hart District Council and providers of infrastructure and facilities, landowners, developers, and others.

In engaging with and mobilising the local communities through meetings, events such as walks and surveys, and communications such as newsletters, social media, our website and the Press, the group has gained valuable insights into the issues and opinions from all sides of the local communities.

Numerous meetings and communications with various other stakeholders have highlighted the many aspects of local planning which are influenced and affected by the Local Plan. The campaign has remained politically neutral, whilst engaging with various political stakeholders.

Throughout this process, the group has been very active in communicating the issues and relevant information to the people in the local communities and across the wider Hart District so that they can more easily engage in the debate and can express their views on the basis of a clearer understanding of the planning process and issues.

We have formed and maintained good relations with the officers and elected officials of Hart District Council and this has led to a much better understanding on both sides of the issues and opinions of the local planning authority and the communities it is engaged to serve.


The aims of the FACE-IT group are to meet, discuss and understand the current development plans emerging for the Fleet and Crookham area and to assess whether these should be viewed as sustainable development or would be threats to the precious local environment and the village communities, in their existing countryside setting, taking account of its already pressurised infrastructure.

FACE-IT is about protecting and improving the area around Fleet and Crookham and to make sure that development is beneficial for the community. That is not the same as stopping all development and we are here to make sure that what does get developed is done in the best way.  We do this by getting involved in the process and providing information and communication to act as enablers for the community to understand and influence local policy and decision-making.  The aim is that the natural and built environments are the best they can be for us all.

All our latest news can be found in the News Section here

Alternatively, you can take part in the community discussions at our facebook group here.

The individual character, cherished landscape and biodiversity of Fleet and Crookham environs are under considerable threat from potential developments. A summary of the recent threats to our environment can be found in "The Threat" section (and sub pages) of the site .

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